Welcome to Desert Rose Studios

Desert Rose Studios is unique... and, so are the students who come to our studio! We understand the desire of people - of ALL ages - who seek to LEARN, to PERFORM, to CREATE, and most importantly, to enhance SELF-EXPRESSION.

Our teachers are outstanding performers, accomplished musicians, and well educated as supported by their varied academic achievements. You will discover them to be lively, warm hearted people who love to share their expertise and knowledge with students, and they are ready to help YOU find the right class or lesson for you, your child, family, and friends.

As you enter DESERT ROSE STUDIOS, you will be enchanted by the comfort and ambiance within. The adobe style sound proof room contains a brand-new Kawai, Concert Artist 91 piano. It has tremendous capabilities and many outstanding features that can be enjoyed by students of all ages as well as professional pianists. Our students learning electronic/digital music enjoy its versatility and incredible options. The sound room provides optimum privacy for pianists, singers, and all other musicians.

During concerts and performances, the main room accommodates seating for an audience of thirty-five, and there are piles of large, colorful pillows for those who prefer to relax “home style” on the floor.

The quarter round stage is a replica of stages you find in many theaters, although on a smaller scale. It is constructed of wood, covered with stretched canvas, and painted black, giving it an authentic feel.

Sheet music is available for purchase. We sell and rent electronic keyboards, guitars, band instruments, and orchestral instruments.

Stage performances will be ongoing on a regular basis, so sign up for our newsletter - you won’t want to miss anything! Shows include concerts by teachers and students, AND you won’t want to miss THIRSTY EAR NIGHT when the mike is open to aspiring performers. Sing, dance, tell jokes, entertain the audience, BUT remember that we have two rules: first, sign up, AND keep it G rated.

We offer other lessons in keeping with self-expression and the world of THEATER. We teach SEWING, DRAWING, and PAINTING. We have three sewing machines, and all it takes to make something you create for yourself or someone else, AND you can learn to repair and renew the clothing you have!

Since some of the lessons are private and some are classes, and many parents have more than one child enrolled in lessons, there is a lovely waiting area for parents who wish to stay and wait.